5 Video Game Reboots That Are Better Than the Originals

sands of time

Recently, the video game industry has seen quite a number of reboots. After all, if you take a look at the top video game sales chart, it’s mainly dominated by franchises. This is because once you’re hooked one a certain series its likely you’ll buy the next installment. That aside, here is a list of the top 5 video game reboots that are better than the originals.

1. Tomb Raider

It was lauded as innovative when it was launched in 1996. However, the original entry doesn’t hold up well today with clunky controls, low polygon count and the extremely exaggerated Lara Croft’s curves. This was however good enough during its time. 

Then arrived the 2013 Tomb Raider reboot. It came with modern and better controls, realistic body proportions, a variety of clothing choices and some gritty sense of realism. This game was well received and is a good example of a successful reboot.

2. Mortal Kombat

This hyper-violent fighting game was actually struggling since starting out in 1992. This game started out as a 2-D arcade game before deciding to explore violent 3-D fighting in recent years. The 2011 reboot, titled Mortal Kombat brought it back together by fixing the errors of previous versions. The game has some rock-solid gameplay, extensive training modes and a violet story-line coupled with a balanced set of characters. This definitely returned the franchise back to its glory days.

3. Prince of Persia

If you’ve never played the original series of this game back then, you’ll find it as an extremely tough nut to crack. The original Prince of Persia has some stiff controls, devious traps, 60-minute time limit and some confusing level layouts.

Surprisingly, in 2003, Ubisoft came up with a reboot titled ”The Sands of Time”. The Sands of Time brought some stylistic fighting system and delightful acrobatics to have ever been seen in a game. You can easily slide through enemies, swing from flagpoles, and avoid saw-blades. Not to mention your ability to correct mistakes by rewinding time, thus becoming a dream action game adventure.

4. Rainbow Six: Vegas

In 2006, the Rainbow Six series was in the brink of being completely forgotten. The game needed some drastic surgery because the last few titles were mediocrely received. Before its current reboot, it was a slow first-person shooter game. Additionally, any one moment of a small mistake can make the entire team lose their lives.

Drastic measures were however taken with Vegas taking a third person perspective. Also, Vegas have some silky-smooth gunplay and easily controllable teammates. This gamble greatly paid off as the game is popular until today.

5. Metroid Prime

Launched in 1986 on NES, the game was one of the most moody, rewarding and sprawling games ever. The game had a lot of downsides such as an awkward soundtrack and was prone to mistakes any time you enter uncharted territory. That said, all previous reboots had terribly failed to fix some of these errors.

In 2002, Game Cube introduced Metroid Prime which was a great hit. The game managed to stand up against Super Metroid which was so inventive that it even had a genre. The game however became a first-person shooter series but this did not prevent it from gaining great success. This is totally a brilliant game.

So, did your favorite franchise appear in our ultimate list? If you feel your favorite franchise deserves a spot here, kindly let us know by leaving us a comment in the comment section. Feel free to also share this ultimate list.

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