5 Must-Have Gadgets For Your Smart Home

In 2019, tech home gadgets are now even more impressive than before. From mesh Wi-Fi routers to connected speakers, these devices can be controlled at the comfort of your smartphone. In fact, some devices such as Apple smart speakers can control all the other Apple devices such as iPad, iPhone, or Mac computers by simply using your voice to say “Hey, Siri”. So below is a list of 5 must-have gadgets for your smart home.

1.     Google Wi-Fi

When it comes to the best mesh Wi-Fi system of 2019, Google Wi-Fi is certainly one for the future. Apart from being inexpensive, this device is also incredibly simple to set up. That said, Google Wi-Fi pack includes 3 Wi-Fi points (Satellites), 6.5-foot Ethernet cable, and 3 power cords. Each satellite can cover at least 1500 square feet, making it good enough for a 4500 square feet home. Moreover, the system is installed using the Google’s free iOS or Android app which displays all the network information you might require.

1.     Amazon Echo

Who doesn’t love listening to music? Well, this Alexa compatible, hands-free smart home speaker is capable of playing music with Dolby technology in-built speaker, answering questions, and setting alarm by the simple command of your voice. You can even control other smart home devices by just asking Alexa to lock your door, adjust the thermostat, and turn off the lights and many more. To make it even better, you can make calls as well as send and receive messages via this speaker.

2.     Google Assistant

If there’s any device that comes close to Alexa, look no further than Google Assistant. This smart home device can complete commands that Alexa can’t as well as answer lots of questions. All these thanks to the Google’s large search engine space. In fact, recent research has proved that this device is 5 times more accurate than Alexa. It can also connect with products from different brands such as Belkin, August, Nest, Philips, and even popular apps like Uber and Spotify.

3.     Ecobee4

You simply can’t talk about smart home gadgets without mentioning a smart thermostat.  With the simple command of your voice, you can control air temperature with the Ecobee4. The best part is that this smart thermostat is its own Amazon speaker as well, so it can perfectly match up to your Assistant or Alexa. It also integrates seamlessly with other home ecosystems and apps such as Apple HomeKit or Alexa. However, you should consider a less expensive thermostat option if you already have another smart-home speaker.

4.     Netgear Arlo security camera

You shouldn’t joke around with your home’s security and installing the best security camera is one of the best ways of ensuring you stay safe. That said, purchasing Netgear Arlo security camera should be at the top of your home’s security agenda because this security camera is both wireless and waterproof. Because of these features, this device is incredibly versatile, so it can be used both indoors and outdoors. Also, you can monitor your camera on the go thanks to the highly rated Arlo app compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Last but not the least you get free cloud storage of up to 7 days for your video clips.

The summing up

So, did your favorite smart home device make it in our list? Well, these top-rated smart home devices use the latest technology to simplify your day-to-day life. As usual, feel free to leave us your review or ask a question in the comments section below.

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